Accomplishments met by dancers at Studio Encore:

Our dancers competed in two Highland dance competitions this past weekend in North Battleford and Lloydminster. Dancers come from all over Alberta and Saskatchewan to compete in the two day Canadian Highland Dance Festival. Here are the following results our own dancers won at this event.

Primary - 6 yrs and under

Saylor Neron won a 2nd Place in Pas de Basques & Hi Cuts and a 5th in Pas de Basques in Lloydminster.

Kate Hougham won a 6th Place in Pas de Basques in Lloydminster.


Hanna Hougham won 1st in the Lilt, 2nd in the Sword Dance and Seann Triubhas, 4th in the Fling, 5th in the Sword Dance in North Battleford. 4th in the Fling, 5th in the Sword Dance, Seann Triubhas and Lilt in Lloydminster.

Tatum Parsons won a 2nd in the Sword Dance in Lloydminster.


Kennedy Topott won 2nd in the Flora, 3rd in the Seann Triubhas, 4th in the Fling and 5th in the Lilt in North Battleford.



Brianna McLean won 2nd in the Reel and Lilt, 4th in the Fling and Sword in North Battleford.

In Lloydminster she won 2nd in the Flora, 3rd in the Fling and Seann Triubhas, 4th in the Johnny and Hornpipe.

Sage Romero won a 1st Place in the Flora, 3rd Place in the Reel and Lilt, 5th Place in the Fling and 6th Place in the Sword Dance. Sage now won her way to the final level Premier, congratulations Sage!

Amberley Trigg won a 3rd in the Sword Dance, 5th in the Reel, Lilt and Flora and a 6th in the Fling in North Battleford. In Lloydminster she won a 3rd in Flora and Hornpipe and a 4th in the Fling and Seann Triubhas.


Rachel Smith won a 4th in the Flora and a 5th in Blue Bonnets in North Battleford. In Lloydminster she won a second in the Flora, 4th in the Hornpipe and 5th in the Fling.

Twenty-seven students auditioned and were accepted into the Provincial showcase “Dare to Dance" and two of our dancers were accepted into the company.

One of our dancers auditioned for, and was chosen for a Disney in Tokyo.

Ten dancers auditioned and were accepted into Saskatchewan's Telemiracle as entertainment.

Five of our Ballet dancers auditioned for and were accepted to perform in Alberta Ballet's Nutcracker Production held in Saskatoon.

Eleven of our ballet dancers auditioned and were successful for the Royal Winnipeg Ballet Summer School Professional program.

Four of our ballet dancers auditioned for, and were accepted into, the full time professional program at Royal Winnipeg Ballet.

One of our dancers was accepted for the National Ballet Summer School held in Toronto.

One dancer auditioned with dancers, from all across Canada, for the Canadian College of Performing Arts and was accepted full time. Since then, he has performed for the queen, auditioned for a movie and was accepted for a roll as a dancer. He has danced professionally as a dancer on cruise ships.

One of our dancers is presently working in Paris dancing professionally at the Moulin Rouge Production.

Our dancers have traveled world wide to perform, compete and to study dance. They have been to Russia, Europe, all over the USA, England, Scotland, Hawaii and South America. In 2006, our dancers traveled to Hawaii to compete in the International Dance Festival.

Several of our past dancers have now successful teaching jobs and are teaching for their careers. A few of them have taken jobs dancing on cruise lines.

5 of our young dancers were scouted by a talent competition to perform for provincials in their solo/duet routines. Emily Wildeman(9yrs old) won 1st runner up in the Junior event.

Seven Highland Dancers traveled to Scotland and were successful competing in many highland competitions during the summer.

Two Ballet Dancers auditioned for the Alberta Ballet's Nutcracker Production and was accepted for parts in Edmonton, 2013.

In 2015, fifty seven students travelled to Seattle to compete in the Spotlight Dance Cup Competition. One solist, a duet and two groups, a senior tap group and a modern group, won grand champianship awards for their divisions, all receiving first prize crystal trophies and Diamond awards. All four entries were invited to compete in the Spotlight Cup National Championships in Las Vegas.

In 2015, 20 dancers took part in a movie produced by Ben Musgrave called "Late Harvest", filmed in Lloydminster.

Diane Laidler (studio director) her two daughters, Jennifer Parsons and Danielle Neron as well as Jill Nelson, Leigha Wald and Meagen Jensen, have lead our students to be extremely successful taking over 250 top awards and scholarships in dance festivals and competitions in 2016 -17 dance season. These top awards were won in solos, duets and groups in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Highland, Modern, Musical Theatre and Hip Hop. The students also received some of the highest marks in the dance festival for their solo and group performances, competing against many city competitive dance schools.The students have competed in regional, provincial, and successfully competed in an international dance competition held in Hawaii. In 2011 a group of our dancers performed on the "Slendor" cruise ship travelling from Long Island, California, to Mexico. It was an incredible experience that we hope to do again soon. Many of our highland students have competed in various Inter-Provincial Canadian Championships, taking home several medals from the primary to premier levels, including gold at the premier level.

In 2013, 30 of our dancers traveled to Disney World to perform at Hollywood Studios and took part in the parade at the Magical Kingdom. It was a magical experience for our dancers. In 2014 two of our ballet dancers auditioned and were accepted for character parts in the Alberta Ballet's Nutcracker Production held at the Jubulee Auditorium. In Vancouver, in 2014 Summer one of our dancers placed second overall in points in the Canadian Scotdance Championships Series Competition. In Edmonton this Summer one of our dancers auditioned in the K-Days Talent Search Competition and placed in the top three in her age division. Fall 2015 twenty of our dancers took part in a movie produced by Ben Musgrave and filmed in Lloydminster called "Late Harvest" which has just recently won awards at Canadian film festivals.

Individual Congratulations

Congratulations to Samantha Underhill on her acceptance in the full time professional program at Royal Winnipeg Ballet for the second year! We hope you have a wonderful year. We'll miss you. Keep in touch.

Congratulations to Danielle Laidler in winning the grand champion hip hop solo at the Dance Championships 2004 in Edmonton, Alberta.

Danielle auditioned for ''Rising Moments'' and was accepted into their program, which gives her the opportunity to train with the best of the best chorographers in the Hip Hop industry and also gives her opportunities to try out for professional auditions.

Congratulations to Jessica Sutherland, Hannah Smith and Mikayla Sears winning a 3rd place in their character ballet small group at the Dance Championships 2004 in Edmonton, Alberta.

Charity Bachman auditioned and was chosen for “Rising Moments” for Hip Hop. She also won the highest Solo Mark in the International Dance Competition held in Hawaii 2006 for her lyrical solo as well as the top award for the most emotional performance.

In 2009, Charity Bachman won the $600.00 scholarship for most outstanding soloist in the Evergreen Dance Festival.

Congratulations to “Let’s Dance” Jazz group avg. 6yrs old for placing 3rd in the Grand Championships dance-off competition held in the Dance Invasion Festival.

Miranda Bachman won over $1300.00 dollars in scholarships during the 2008 festival season. Congratulations Miranda!

Laura Carruthers and Charity Bachman won scholarships for $700.00 each for excellence in their solo routines.

Five of our dancers qualified to enter the "Northern Star Search Competition" held in Edmonton in July. They were selected from a panel of judges who were at very high caliber dance competitions this spring. They were chosen for their technique and showmanship. Congratulations to: Jersey Dean, Laura Carruthers, Emily Wildeman, Macy Erickson and Haedyn Castle.

Emily Wildeman won runner up in the Northern Star Search Competition. There were 35 entries from all over Northern Alberta, singers, actors and dancers and only two placings and our Emily won the second place honours. Congratulations Emily!

Charity Bachman won the "Edge Performing Arts Scholarship" in Hollywood California in 2012.

Laura Carruthers won the "Groove Street Dance Convention" scholarship in 2012.

Kaylynn Koch won the Aggregate Trophy in the ScotDance Canada Championship Series for her division on July 14th, 2012.

Kaylyn Koch wins the Aggregate Trophy along with 2 gold medal, 2 silver medals and a bronze medal in her highland dances in the Battleford's Annual Higland Dance Competition October 20th, 2012.

Charlize van Vuuren won two Aggregate Trophies in Highland Dance competition during the 2013 dance season.

In Lloydminster's Annual Cross Border Highland Dance Competition, October 21st, 2012, Kaylyn won Gold in Fling, Gold in Sword Dance, Gold in Seann Truibhas, Bronze in the Lilt, Gold in the Fling Special Award and took the Aggregate Trophy for her division.

In Vancouver, BC. July 2nd - 6th, 2014, Britlynn Parson competed at the Scotdance Highland Dance Championship Series Competition and placed 3rd the first day and 2nd the 2nd day overall in the 5 yrs old catagory. Winning in all eight of her dances taking home a gold, four silvers, a bronze and a 4th & 5th placings.

Summer 2015 Emily Wildeman won a scholarship to the Peacock Summer Dance Camp. While she was at camp, she received another scholarship to return in 2016. In Seattle this Spring, Emily placed 4th runner up in the Miss Spotlight Dance Cup competition, competing against the highest level of competition.

Emily Wildeman won 1st place in the Dance Off Competion for her Jazz Solo in Dance Vibe and received a Summer school scholorship.


Back: Laura Carruthers, Front: Emily Wildeman

In the Fall of 2013, both Emily Wildeman and Laura Carruthers auditioned for the Alberta Ballet's Nutcracker Production, held at the Jubilee Auditorium. Both girls were chosen from hundreds of dancers to play a part in the 2013 "Nutcracker" story held on December 12th - 15th.


Seven dancers from Studio Encore were selected from an audition to perform in the 2018 Alberta Ballet Nutcracker Production in Edmonton. The following dancers were Sebastian Romero, Haedyn Castle, Sage Romero, Taylor Brown, Keira Sibbald, Emerson Chenard and Sydney Castle.

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