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New Choreography - Solos

2 - half hour choreography sessions in November & December 2020
2 - half hour cleaning sessions in January & February 2021.
Price $145.00 plus festival fees & gst.

Redoing Last Year's Solo

2 - half hour cleaning sessions in January & February 2021.
Price $72.50 plus festival fees & gst.

New Choreography - Duet

3 - half hour choreography sessions in November & December 2020
2 - half hour cleaning sessions in January & February 2021.
Price $95.00 per dancer, plus festival fees & gst.

Redoing Last Year's Duet

2 - half hour cleaning sessions in January & February 2021.
Price $47.50 per dancer, plus festival fees & gst.
Please check which festivals you will be entering in 2021.

Great Canadian Dance Festival

Mini & Elite Company Only. Anyone from the competitive program wanting extra solo or duet opportunities may enter in this competition.

To The Beat Dance Challenge

Available for all levels.

Momentum Dance Festival

Competitive program only, including Acro, Musical Theatre, and Highland. Mini & Elite may also enter their solos and duets in Momentum.

Rage Dance Festival

Green, Blue, Pink, Purple, Teal, Red, Silver, all Acro, Musical Theatre, Highland Programs, Mini and Elite programs.

Candance Competition

Mini & Elite Dancers. Competitive solos and duets can enter this competition for extra opportunities.
This is a high caliber competition, Candance takes place at the college.
Please review the choreography policies below for important information regard festivals and sessions.

1. Each parent of a soloist or a duet is responsible to book in with the teacher who is doing your child's solo or duet. Teachers will post times on Studio Encore's Facebook every Monday, and parents are tobook in a time, by commenting on the post. If you do not have Facebook, please book with the teacher bycoming into the studio and talking to your child's teacher.

2. All first sessions must be booked in the month of November. Their second session should be booked inthe month of December. Please make sure your child has memorized their choreography before bookingtheir next session. Please video tape each session, so you have a copy of your child's choreography.

3. All cleaning sessions will start in January 2021 with the final session in February. There will be no more sessions available after the month of February 2021. So please make sure you book in each month to get all your sessions in. There are no refunds on any sessions not booked in on time. Failure to show up to a booked session without proper cancelation will result in a missed session. Please only book one session per month to allow other students to get their monthly session in. Students that are repeating their solos or duets this year, need only to book in the January and February sessions.

4. Forms and fees must be filled out and paid before solos and duets can be started. Deadline to book a solo or duet this year is November 22nd, 2020. Fees can be postdated up to March 1st 2021. Payments can be made monthly by Visa, MC or postdated cheques from November 2020 to March. 2021.

5. Costumes are to be purchased by the parents, please discuss your costume choice with your child's teacher first, before purchasing your costume. Your costume choice must match the style of the choreography. The studio will have the finale say in costumes, if it does not meet our studio's standards, we have the right to refuse the costume for your child's dance number.

6. Please check on your registration form, the festivals you want the studio to enter your child in. There are no refunds on any festivals, if your child is unable to attend for any reason, once we have entered them. The festivals do not give refunds, so we are unable to give refunds.

7. This year if a student received a new choreography last year, we want them to keep their choreography for two years. Teachers can add harder skills to the existing choreography, if the student is ready for amore challenging choreography. If a student receives an average mark of 87 or above in last year's festivals, the student can get a new choreography this year. We are wanting students to continue to work on their choreography and perfect it this year.

In the past we have been quite lenient on letting anyone do solos and duets and some students enrolled in many solos and duets. Now we are cutting back, we would like to see more quality in our solos and duets rather than quantity. The teachers feel that for the most, there is not enough practicing put into the solos and duets. We are finding that many students are not fixing their corrections from their teachers and adjudicators. If your child is wanting to do extra choreography work, they must be willing to put in the work that is needed to bring their solos, duets to their fullest potential. New this year the studio is introducing a mandatory “in studio practice program”. Students who are doing a solo or duet this year, must put in a minimal of ten practice hours per choreography to get their solo(s) or duet ready to compete in festivals. Teachers or parents can sign on student’s practice sheet. This sheet must be handed in signed, with ten hours of practice completed before the first dance festival, in order for the student will be allowed to compete their solo or duet.

Our dance program has grown immensely, each year the demands for solos and duets has increased drastically. It is becoming harder and harder for the instructors to keep up with the demands and still maintain family time and diverse artistic quality. By introducing a practice program, will weed out students who really do not want to put the work in that is crucial for their own success. Thank - you for your understanding!

Teachers will give each student a copy of their music. Please make sure that you have your music with you at your sessions and at festivals as a back up for yourself. This is so important, if something should happen to your teacher and they cannot make it to your solo performance time, another teacher can always put you on stage if you have your music.

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